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They say a friend is like a great bra, lifts you up, doesn’t stab you in the back and is close to the heart. When I was young around the age of 9, getting boobs was the “in thing”. All the girls in my class couldn’t wait for them to grow. It was a passage to womanhood. We did all sorts of crazy things to ensure that they grew real fast. We went as far as ensuring that the praying mantis bit them for fast growth. Naivety…..was our weapon to succeeding at…

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To love or not to love… This is one of the most intimate question young lovers ask themselves. In most cases so many of them find it very emotional into their very first relationships. And usually the confusion comes in where someone naively fails to fully wrap their heads round the driving forces behind a workable relationship.


Love demands a lot…

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Whenever am told to write, just the thought of it freaks me out. As a writer, you just never know if your piece of literature will be able to capture the readers’ attention without them yawning or being forced to resort to Netflix. I believe that writing from the heart helps me out. Of course no one can be able to please everyone, but hey, we can’t live a timely life trying to make everyone happy. …

According to Wikipedia, a map is a symbolic depiction emphasizing spatial relationships between elements of some space or a given area such as objects, regions, or themes. In other words, a map is a two dimensional representation of the earth on a flat surface. The graphics represented on a map are usually facts and features showing a given spot and helping a user to better understand and make sense of the world around us and beyond.

Buzindele Landing site Topo Map — Photo by Tech Tribe

Maps are a very important part of our day to day lives because they help us to navigate, understand and explain the world. In…

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A disaster is a sudden misfortune or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life. In the context of computerized systems, disasters disrupt normal business operations either causing partial or total failure and loss of resources. Loss of resources may range from software level to hardware level resources. An form of disaster to a cyber infrastructure, could cripple your business, costing the organization thousands or millions of dollars in lost sales and/or damages.

1. Hacker Intrusion to Gain Illegal Access.

Unauthorized access to computer systems is usually with ill intentions and may end up into destruction of computerized system resources. Hackers use a number…


Microsoft Excel or MS Excel for short, is a spreadsheet application that is a part of the Microsoft office suite of applications created by Microsoft Corporation. Excel is developed for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone operating system (OS). Excel is believed to be the industry standard in spreadsheet application operations like crunching numbers, data visualization, pivot tables and macros using the Visual Basic (VB) programming language.


Excel makes it easy to crunch numbers ranging from simple tasks to complex data analyses analysis and application development. Excel helps to streamline data entry with AutoFill, data visualization using charts and…

Stage 1: Site survey (Groundwater Investigations)

Groundwater investigations at Our Lady of Africa S.S in Seeta — Mukono district, Uganda

This is the first stage in the process of constructing a borehole. Depending on the geologist contracted to carry out the survey (Geophysical assessment), various techniques will be applied to sound (scan) the subsurface mainly to pick data from site for a technical analysis. This stage determines and answers the following questions;

a) Is there groundwater potential at site?.

b) Geological formation and setup of the area in question.

c) Recommended drilling depth required. This will influence the cost of drilling.

d) Likely challenges and possible solutions during the drilling exercise.

Stage 2: Drilling

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